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5 key advantages of using Smart boards in a classroom setting

I will like to start by explaining the difference between the smart board and interactive board. Being into the business of promotion and marketing of different brands of interactive boards, most inquiries from customers would be on smart board, by which they actually mean interactive board.

In simple terms, smart board and the interactive board does the same job. Smart is a brand in interactive whiteboard family. Smart where very smart to use the word as a brand. Some other brands are Dee dove, Highmark and lead board, e-board, trace board, Hitachi, Iq etc. All these boards are smart in nature.

These technologies are designed to replace chalkboard and create the possibility for teachers to save their notes as a page on the board instead of wiping it out completely as a result of space. How it works, your interactive whiteboard  interact between projector and PC and this makes it possible to import information on your PC to the board and with a touch of finger or stylus pen you can better analyse or teach any subject from the board; you can save, print, record, edit, cut/copy, paste etc from the board. It comes with a software and teaching resources that aid the teacher and effectively enhance learning and increase understanding among student.

Here are 5 key advantages of using interactive whiteboards in a classroom setting:

Increased Participation

One of the best way to teach a child is to get their attention and participation in the teaching process. Images, teacher’s notes, and emphasis can be saved and printed, shared, or emailed, so students or participants do not have to take notes during the discussion session. This allows them to participate in the learning or collaborative session at a more focused and engaged level.

Improved Learning
This helps to improve learning in the sense that, some students are an Auditory learner, which means they learn through listening and absorbing information efficiently through the spoken word, others are visual learners they need graphs, charts, maps and diagrams to learn and absorb information. Interactive whiteboards give people the opportunity to absorb information in multiple formats. This helps increase retention and synthesis of information.

Enhanced Collaboration
By integrating an interactive whiteboard into your learning or office environment, can encourage participants to collaborate in a shared work area. Most of the recent interactive board accept multiple users simultaneous working on the board. This increase collaboration and participation. It will allow students to become part of the process, rather than simply recipients of prepared information.

Skills development

Interactive board help in the development of various skills among students such as pronunciation skill, draw perfect diagrams, learn foreign languages, and solve puzzle and arithmetic. Some of the teaching resources, when used on the board make sounds such as pronunciation of a word, some arithmetic games etc. The student can learn how to pronounce a word correctly, write good sentences, and do much more by touching the board.

Makes abstract ideas concrete 
It is easy to make an abstract ideas concrete teaching with the interactive board than using a chalkboard or just a picture. Some of the abstracts ideas can be formulated and represented in form of a live cartoon on the board. And thus help in making learning more effective and interactive.
Primarily, interactive whiteboards allow teachers and students to give presentations created on a computer in class and at parent/teacher/student conferences.
Teachers can create videos to teach students different subjects, and use the online software in class to teach some subjects.

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By Ozoemena O. Charles.
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