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Do you need a reliable Interactive board fully loaded teaching resources? eduBoard sm..
Ex Tax: ₦200,000.00
This is eduboard smart Interactive display Board complete with multimedia projector and installation..
Ex Tax: ₦354,000.00
eduBoard KTL Series Digital Display board has all the essentials educators and&n..
Ex Tax: ₦2,500,000.00
Digital Language Laboratory System GC6110 is a powerful and affordable language laboratory syste..
Ex Tax: ₦2,800,000.00
NCS LITE is an easy digital campus broadcasting system, dispatches 99 channels at the most to unlimi..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
The executive auditorium seats| classic cinema seats, So what are you looking for? Functional school..
Ex Tax: ₦98,000.00
De D Interactive whiteboardMultitouch: support single or two persons write on the board at the same ..
Ex Tax: ₦220,000.00
Dell Multimedia Projector P318S 3D Ready DLP Projector – 3200 Lumens, HDMI, Optional WirelessBrightn..
Ex Tax: ₦139,000.00
Phone 7 features a 12MP camera with 4K video and optical image stabilization, a 4.7-inch Retina HD d..
Ex Tax: ₦200,000.00
ZML Best Quality Customer Leather chair is a brand synonymous with quality and durability. Our class..
Ex Tax: ₦16,900.00
High-Quality Wireless Micro PhonesFeatures:Frequency response tailored for vocals,with brightened mi..
Ex Tax: ₦49,700.00