ZumaMall is a subsidiary of Zuma Marketing Limited, a contemporary digital marketing organisation that specializes in sales and promotion of modern technologies.

Over the years we observed that customers spend a lot of time searching for a product in a cluttered marketplace and in most cases will not find what they spend hours searching for, or rather, they spend money in what they never wanted. ZumaMall is a technology-based e-commerce site. We’re a customer-oriented organization, and our platform is very easy to browse and secured. We sell and promote high-quality products with a warranty and competitive prices.

Our products lines include

Audiovisual products such as multimedia projectors, projection screens, touch screens, video conferencing equipment, public address system, amplifier, and mixers etc. You will be satisfied with what you stand to benefit when you get all your audio visual needs from us. We deliver to you, install them if necessary, educate you on how to use and maintain them and offer technical advisory services on ways to handle your gadgets.

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Modern teaching aids

Are you a proprietor, or a school owner? We have in large varieties, modern teaching aids such as an affordable interactive whiteboard, long lasting projectors, screens, computers, musical instrument for students and adults. Let’s partner with you! and build a long-lasting mutual business relationship.

In addition, you can buy your genuine industrial equipment, office equipment, and home appliances from us at www.ZumMall.com. We are the first to create a lasting impression.

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We assured you of getting value on every money spent on our platform, no room for counterfeiting, no copying, no fake.