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Cheap interactive whiteboards and their prices In Nigeria

Is there any interactive board that can be classified as the best in the market? Or what are the criteria to qualify a board as the best among others? Interactive board as the name implies should be fully interactive. There shouldn’t be limitations on how it should be used.

Some brands of interactive boards can only work with a mechanical stylus pen which means, you can only use the board with its stylus pen otherwise it won’t work. The major problem you may have with this board is when the stylus pen gets damaged or lost, it becomes useless. I know this could be enough reason someone would not go for this type of board. Although, they are relatively cheaper compared to others with a capacitive touchscreen. Price ranges from 140 thousand Naira but can be gotten cheaper when purchased from other markets.

 Another type of interactive board is a capacitive touch screen interactive board, you can use your finger to touch or write, or use a nonmechanical stylus pen to write on the board. With this type of stylus pen, no battery is required: You won’t have to charge a capacitive stylus or change its battery periodically.

Within the categories of the capacitive touch screen interactive board, there are also differences in the touch sensitive. Some brand can only accept one finger at a time(single users) while some accept 4fingers/users at a time. Recently, there are some brands that accept up to 10 finger/users at the same time. The prices range from 190 thousand to 350 thousand.

These boards are similar in shape, sizes, and design. But the differences are of the manufacturers’ software, resources, and material used in the productions. This also forms part of the price determinant. Another thing that determines price is the brand equity. Some board cost as high as 1.5million per unit. But they all serve same purposes.

Therefore, if you’re budgeting on buying an interactive whiteboard, you should benchmark your price within 180 thousand to 1.5 million per unit.

Lastly, when searching for the brand to buy, do your diligent search, some companies will offer one year warranty, some two years warranty while some do not offer a warranty at all. You need to ask such questions like, how many users, type of technology (touch sensitive), warranty level, maintenance, training and after-sales services.

Because of the economic situation, the price has become a strong determinant factor in buying decision. In order not to make avoidable mistakes, spending more for less, you can always reach us anytime when next you’re considering buying an interactive board. For your genuine and affordable wholesales price of capacitive touchscreen interactive board. Always look out for huge discount prices going on on our tech base e-commerce site. The prices there are unbeatable and with a minimum of one-year factory warranty. You will be guided on how to maintain and clean your board, training is for free.

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By Ozoemena O. Charles.
Owner and publisher at
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