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How to remove stubborn stains on your whiteboard

If your magnetic board or interactive whiteboard has stained all over and you are considering buying another one this publication has answers to your questions. Stains on the surface of whiteboard or interactive board can be very disturbing. I usually do not feel comfortable when writing on a whiteboard or interactive board with an untidy surface.

We do receive calls most of the times from customers who need help on how to remove stains on their interactive whiteboard. But it won’t be nice discussing the solution to this problem without talking about the major causes and how to prevent it.

One of the causes of stains on the surface of an interactive whiteboard is the use of the wrong marker on the board. Remember, an interactive whiteboard is not designed to be used as an ordinary magnetic whiteboard. If you have one already, you will notice that it comes with its own inkless marker. If you really need to write with a dry marker on it, the best thing to do is to install small magnetic board beside your interactive board or use the mobile board at the most 3ftx4ft size.

Secondly, the use of permanent marker on the board can cause a major stain on your board. Therefore you must do away with permanent marker completely within the circumference where the board is installed. This is because most of the people that called on this issued did so because someone mistakingly used a permanent marker on the board.

Another cause of stains on your board is the use of substandard dry marker on it, if you cannot avoid using a marker on your board please ensure that you use a quality dry marker on it and wipe off immediately with a good duster after use.

We have tried using various means and solvents to remove stains on the board and we got different results. In this day, one of my customers who bought interactive whiteboard from our company mistakingly used permanent marker on their board called, I got a bottle of solvent which I supposed should remove the stain failed to produce a result, then I was left with no solution to their problem.

A solvent can only clean off soft stains caused by the use of a substandard dry marker on the board, but when it comes to cleaning permanent stains on the board, solvent worsens the situation.Because the more you try to use a solvent to forcefully remove the stain the more the stain spreads all over the surface.

Now, the question is what did I use to remove a permanent stain on their board? You have to try using this method, I tried it and it worked perfectly well in removing a very strong stain, I can remember that very day how happy and satisfied my newly acquired customer was and my customer was. And for me, I felt so fulfilled.

Do you have a board with the stained surface? now use this… your vehicle brake fluid is the secret. Put a drop of brake fluid on a soft clean rag and rub gently on the affected area, then come back here and tell us your experience.

I believe this piece of information was helpful, please share with your friends whom you think may have a similar issue.
We can also help you solve other related issues concerning your interactive board. When making a decision or choosing the type of interactive board to buy, we can guide you in terms of brand, price, software, maintenance, installation, and training.

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By Ozoemena O. Charles.
Owner and publisher at
CMO Zuma Marketing Limited

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