How much is a Smart Board interactive whiteboard In Nigeria?

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There have been so many questions on how much a smart board interactive whiteboard cost in Nigeria and where to buy them. It is surprising that some people traveled as far as Dubai and South Africa just to purchase Smart Board. But don’t worry I am here to give answers to your questions.

I understand how challenging it is to find SMART Board prices on the web. I tried to Google the price of a SMART Board before we made this purchase and I couldn't find a site with simple, realistic, up-to-date prices. SMART's site forwards you to a sales representative contact form. Blogs and websites seldom mention prices. My social media friends on Twitter and Facebook couldn't give me an answer either. Even school administrators I talked to didn't know exactly what they cost.

Smart Interactive display board is not very common in the market, it usually sold by smart accredited agent nationwide and thank God you can now purchase yours from here. There are different models of the smart interactive board. Below are a few models available for purchase.


The SMART Board SBM680 is designed to provide focused learning, intuitive design, and control. Featuring dual touch freestyle interaction, this user-friendly Smartboard M680 Interactive Whiteboard ensures less curve and more learning. Designed to aid classroom learning, this whiteboard utilizes SMART’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology and comes with two damage-resistant pens. This 77-inch Smartboard M680 enhances interactive learning by allowing two students to work together using pens, fingers or other

Objects. Ensuring seamless learning, the Smartboard M680 Whiteboard comes with a pen tray that provides easy access to the on-screen keyboard, the right click, and the orient functionality. The price of this board is around ​989,000 without a projector, you can buy it here

Smart Board SBX885 87 " DIAGONAL

Collaborative learning becomes an extraordinarily natural experience with the SMART Board SBX885 series interactive whiteboard. Four people can instantly work together anywhere on the surface at the same time using either their fingers or a pen. This interactive whiteboard also features a multiuser Pen Tray with buttons that make it easy for users to switch ink color, right-mouse click and bring up the On-Screen Keyboard. The price is about ₦1.3 million without a projector, you can purchase SBX 888 here


Smart interactive whiteboards for education allow you to add basic interactivity and a large display image to the classroom. With premium quality brands, combined with the latest ultra-short throw projectors, interactive lessons are now brighter and sharper than ever before. Get it here

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