The Unique features of lead interactive board and why you should have one.

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I want to show you some of the Unique features of LEAD Interactive Board (LIB) and why you should have one either in your classrooms, boardroom, seminar hall or at home.

This is a visual teaching aid that make learning 200 percent faster and fun – for children and adults alike.
Have you ever thought of seeing your child learn faster and with less stress?
Do you own a school and wants to stand out from the crowd?

Most schools have qualified teachers well enough to impact on the pupils but unfortunately, only a few of the pupils grab and retain what they have been taught mainly because of the method of teaching employed.

Are you a facilitator and are having a hard time making your audience understand and follow your presentation?

Get in here.
It is a well-known fact that people – both young and old – learn better and faster from things they see 
than things they hear and this has been one of the defects in the education system of the century, but there’s a solution.

It is amazing how children learn how to operate a computer and technological appliances compared to how they learn from school, so, the ideal solution is teaching through technology and there come LEAD Interactive board (LEAD).

The LEAD Interactive board (LEAD) is the smart, cool, easy, fast, fun and interactive way to learn, it is like learning to operate a mobile phone.

Working with the LEAD Interactive board offers you the following:

  • Electronic learning is known as e-learning.
  • Smart and interactive way of teaching and making a presentation.
  • It can connect with laptops for easy presentation Of lesson notes, Power-point, diagrams and info-graphics.
  • Touch-pad function; that means you can write with finger, pen and any other opaque object.
  • Very durable and last over 8 years of a life cycle.
  • Multimedia player that can play various file formats.
  • Zoom function; you can increase the size of the images by using fingers to drag up or down.
  • Voice and text recording with playback option and many more.

Now the Benefits of the LEAD nteractive board.

The LEAD Interactive  board is the mode of learning and presentation whereby you use an electronic whiteboard in place of the more traditional boards.

The board is connected and powered by your PC, no fear of power surge damaging your board.

It can be worked on using a pen and/or fingers so whether you have the stylus pen or not LEAD Interactive Board works, and you have different options like online keyboard, the eraser, pick toll and various types of fancy pens.

You can open new pages and alternate between next and previous pages without erasing your work, this will help you develop your own resource within a short time.

Options of using different pen
colours are available to make your work beautiful and colourful.

You can surf the internet on the board, print lesson note directly from the board or share a note to your students or audience and many more.

One time calibration allows the user to work on the board effortlessly.

It can be used for powerpoint presentation, table, and charts presentation.

24months warranty and a continues after-sales service.

It’s simply the best way to learn.

To crown it all, it comes with a software that includes mathematics formula and diagrams, physics, chemistry, and biology formula and other online educative materials and you can use any software of your choice on the board freely.

Perfect Function: Have many functions such as a hard pen, soft pen, brush pen, and a smart pen and so on.

It can synchronously record sounds and videos and also play back the courseware.

Also have some other functions such as saving files, printing screens and sending e-mails.

Network courseware can be browsed, inserted and saved.

Autosaves: stored the contents automatically on a computer and generate courseware that users can reopen and modify .saving format include PPT, HTML, PDF, BMP, JPG, etc and can also be sent by E-mail

Furthermore, the whole process of writing and annotating can be recorded and replayed automatically


The LEAD Interactive board is useful in the school for learning, in boardrooms for presentations and for private learning for children at home.

We offer the LEAD Interactive board with different packs, we have alone pack which is the LEAD Interactive Board with its accessories alone.

We have the combo pack which includes LEAD Interactive Board, a multimedia projector, multimedia speaker.

Then the jumbo pack, which includes the eduBoard Interactive Board, a high lumens multimedia projector, a laptop and a multimedia speaker all comes with a 24 months warranty, free training, easy maintenance, and technical support.

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