8 benefits of videoconferencing system you need to know

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Videoconferencing is now an acceptable and very important means of bridging communication gaps in an organisation whether big or small, as well as saving money and time. Videoconferencing is a process of conducting a conference or meetings between two or more participants at different locations by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data simultaneously.


Video conferencing technology has steadily advanced over the course of recent years to become something that we finally use in more and more areas like business, education, online webinar, training and medical.


The Year 2016 is considered a year of improvement and widespread adoption of video conferencing technology and 2017 brings much more opportunities and increase in demand for video conferencing technology.

Why you need this modern video conferencing system in place in your organization.


1.Saves time and cost

The use of video conferencing system reduces the time it will take each member of your staff to travel from one point to the other for business meetings. Cost of transportation and accommodation are eliminated as a result of this technology. Imagine an organisation with branches all over, where it becomes necessary that every branch receives special training from the head office, video conference system eliminates the barriers of boundaries, creates a warmth and interactive meeting ambiance with all the employees connected to each other and exchange of ideas is made easy with real-time communication and feedback.


2.Voice enhancement

Most times, not being audible in a meeting can adversely affect the objective of the meeting. When communication is hampered with poor sound or no vision, it affects a person’s ability to understand and take in instructions. In order to avoid that, our video conferencing system comes with a powerful wireless center microphone. For conference meeting where delegates are to be seated to make their speeches, it is paramount that they have conference systems microphones installed in each delegate’s seat with the master control unit to control and manage the delegates’ positions but with this wireless center microphone, you don’t have to spend more money installing them.


3.Improve communication flow

This technology can improve communication flow especially in interactive meetings or training where the audience has to communicate back to the instructor either by asking questions or making contributions pertinent to the topic under discussion.


4.Record Keeping

This Videoconferencing system has a recording facility which makes it possible to take minutes of every meeting via voice recording. I believe every manager knows the importance of keeping a record of every meeting. In my opinion, keeping records of every meeting is as important as keeping records of every transaction of your organisation.


5.Increase the level of understanding

Videoconferencing system has the capacity to increase the level of understanding especially among the instructors and staff, trainer and the trainee. When teaching or giving instructions, it is expedient you control the two learning sensitive organs of the body such as the eye (sight) and the ear (hearing). Every organisations whether big or small use PowerPoint and projector to make their presentations, using LEAD touch all-in-one interactive screen enables you to do more during the live presentation and create better understanding among the staff.


6.Enhances staff efficiency

It’s not a surprise to know that many fresh graduates or even some staff of organisations currently looking for high profile jobs may not have had an opportunity to make power point presentation (PPP) using a digital board such as touch screen and interactive whiteboard.

Having this equipment will help to improve the staff efficiency at the workplace, with this device they can make a live power point, excel or chart presentation.


7.Simplify staff training

Your staff do not need to travel abroad for a special course or training, with the equipment properly installed in your meeting room, everyone now has equal opportunity to acquire skill abroad without leaving the work premises.


8.Share information

Technology has made it possible to share information with delegates immediately the meeting is over. You can share information in voice or writing format which enables the delegates in a meeting go home with the proceedings. You can also share information via webcast as it is happening etc.


The 21st Century has provided ample opportunities for business growth and development and Zuma Marketing Limited is on top of the situation to provide high-quality products and services to our clients at an affordable price.


We seek to engage your organization and add value based on your requirements.

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