Maintenance Tips for Interactive Whiteboards

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Interactive Whiteboards have revolutionized classrooms and businesses in multiple industries. In classrooms, they have been used to foster collaboration thus increasing interactivity in the classroom and improving students’ learning experiences.  In the business setting, whiteboards have become an integral part of boardroom presentations, training, and group discussion sessions. When using technology, maintenance is a key determinant of the device’s longevity. Maintenance of technological devices ensures that it is in proper working condition for a long time thereby extending the life span.


The screen on the interactive whiteboard is the most important part of the whiteboard and is susceptible to damage and dent. The board normally comes with interactive pens that enable you to write, move, erase, and control applications by touching and writing or making selections. The touch recognition features of the board also allow you to write, erase with your palm and move objects with your finger without having to press buttons, access on-screen menus, and functions.


Here are a few tips that will help you in maintaining your interactive whiteboard:

  • Safeguard against dust: DUST is known as the silent pest of technology. It is very dangerous for devices such as an interactive whiteboard because it accumulates for a long period without catching our notice. By the time it is noticed, it may have damaged the electronic components or deteriorate the outer surface of your device. You have to incorporate dust removal tasks during routine maintenance to ensure your device works well for long.


  • Always Use Interactive Pens or Finger Gestures Whenever Possible: The screen of an interactive whiteboard is the most important part of it, and hence it should be handled in the right way. Interactive whiteboards come with their own set of interactive pens so ensure to use the accessories provided with the whiteboard, however, there can be instances when you mistakenly use dry erase markers or even permanent markers and ink on the board. It is advisable to make sure that permanent markers are not within easy reach of the board screen because it is difficult to remove the ink from the whiteboard.  Also, small items like a ballpoint pen can etch the surface of your interactive whiteboard and possibly damage the touch sensitivity of the board, therefore keep them away from your board at all costs.


Preventive Maintenance Tips

On a regular basis, schedule a cleaning procedure where you use the dry eraser to clean the whiteboard exhaustively to ensure its surface remains smooth and clean. Dry erasers can be found in any office supply store.



Thorough Cleaning

Spray alcohol-free glass cleaner into a soft rag to wipe off any that remain from regular cleaning or those that remain for a day or longer.

Removing Permanent Marker Ink
In cases where a permanent marker is used on the interactive whiteboard, scribble over any permanent marker on the board with a dry erase marker. Sometimes, the dry marker ink will dissolve permanent ink marks and allow you to wipe it off. When it doesn’t wipe off, then you can use isopropyl alcohol to remove permanent ink. Soak a small amount of the alcohol on a piece of cloth or rag and rub off the marks in a circular motion. Care should be taken when using alcohol on the device because alcohol tends to damage the soft coating on the board when it is used too much or when it is exposed to alcohol for an extended period. 

Cleaning the Sensor 
The interactive pens used to write on the board use sensors to interact with the board. When they stop functioning, it might be due to some dust accumulation. Simply use canned or pressurized air to remove dust particles.  


Cleaning Supplies needed to include:

  • Soft rags
  • Dry erase markers
  • Dry eraser
  • Whiteboard cleaning spray or high-quality glass cleaner (Remember to spray on the rag and not directly on the screen when cleaning),
  • Canned air

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