EduBoard (Lead Smart Board): A Must Have Interactive Whiteboard for Schools

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Having the right tools in your toolkit in your classrooms is a major booster of students participating in the learning process and an image maker for schools. Another year is right here, and there’s no better time to take your classrooms into the 21st Century by replacing that dusty, chalk-stained blackboard with an interactive whiteboard solution. The new trend of technological innovation has made it difficult for students to concentrate fully, therefore, the best way to achieve an improved learning experience in classrooms is a mix of technology with teaching which ushers in the concept of Interactive Whiteboard.


The interactive whiteboard has revolutionized classrooms by motivating students and helping them understand various learning concepts. Interactive Whiteboard in classrooms is a perfect blend of technology which when merged with teaching gives students the best learning experience by ensuring lectures are fun, interactive, interesting and impactful. It is essentially learning from a big computer as it is connected to your system and gives you control of your computer on a big board which is seen by all students.

This article seeks to discuss the reasons why EduBoard (Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard) is a Must-Have for classrooms. The features, benefits, and availability of Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard would be briefly discussed.


Lead Smart Interactive whiteboard is equipped with features like:

  • Touch Recognition: Lead Smart interactive board is equipped with the latest infrared technology which is super sensitive to touch and makes the board able to work with a finger or a pointer and not necessarily a stylus pen like other boards


  • Educational Resources: This board comes with resources for teaching various subjects with approved teaching materials. Subjects like biology, maths, geography, etc are all pre-loaded into the board for teachers which aid teaching.


  • Multi-Touch:  Lead smart interactive whiteboard is equipped with a multi-touch function that enables ten fingers to work simultaneously on the board. This means different students can write on the board at the same time without affecting one another.


  • Running concurrent pages: The board allows the users to work on two or more pages simultaneously and sift through during the lecture
  • Other Functions: The board also stores content automatically with all types of formats like HTML, PDF, PPT, JPG, etc.


Lead smart interactive Display Board is preferable to other brands because of the following benefits:

  • Integration with Nigeria Curriculum: Lead Smart Interactive Display Board now combines educational resources with e-learning/Nigeria-British curriculum which enables teachers to view the lesson notes thereby eliminating the stress of writing lesson notes


  • Enhanced visualisation for teachers and students: Interactive whiteboards have made it possible to incorporate high definition images, video and graphics into lessons. This makes easier for difficult concepts to be explained to students in a visual manner, keeping them more engaged in-class sessions. Research suggests that students are more likely to enjoy a class session where videos and quality images are displayed on a high definition screen. The reality is that we are all visual beings. Somewhere around 75% of our brains are given up to processing visual information. We process graphical information much faster than we do text and audio. The multimedia stimuli presented to students learning from an interactive whiteboard are on a different level to those in a classroom relying on a traditional blackboard.


  • Better interaction and collaboration: With Interactive whiteboards, collaboration among learners in the classrooms is simpler than ever before. They allow annotations, manipulation of content, surveys, connection through smart-phones and so much more. Collaborative activities have led to spikes in student interest in just about every research case study. A traditional blackboard limits collaboration as only one individual can realistically use the board effectively at any given time but with Interactive whiteboards, it is possible because of the multi-touch feature.


  • Durability: Lead Smart interactive whiteboard is strong and is nearly indestructible. It is integrated with a very special anti-glare, anti-friction coating, thus ensuring an enjoyable experience when interacting via stylus or finger.


  • Free training: For every purchase of a board, you are guaranteed an extensive training by our experts on how to best use the board to achieve the desired results.


  • Easy to use: Lead Smart interactive whiteboard is easy to use and comes with user-friendly software.


  • Improves The Learning Process:  Lead Smart interactive whiteboard enables students with various disabilities to learn better via various learning approaches.  This is because some students absorb information efficiently through the spoken word(auditory learners) while others understand better through what they see, for example, pictures, images, videos, etc. (visual learners)


All of this goes to show why more education institutions are embracing interactive whiteboard technology.


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Consider interactive whiteboards like the Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom for your school this year. Your students and teachers will thank you.


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