Eduboard (Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard): Transforming How Business Runs

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Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard transforms how a business runs and it is an innovation in technology that allows users to write, draw, print images and save or distribute documents over the networks, making the use of the interactive whiteboards of greater interest to businesses as well as corporate establishments. 


Interactive whiteboards are the technological evolution of workplace staples and have offered significant benefits to meetings and presentations in modern-day businesses.


Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard offers another way to collaborate, improve employee engagement and bring a world of resources to your meeting room. Installing LEAD Interactive whiteboards in your office is a major differentiator for your business and brings a significant number of major benefits to businesses such as:


Increases engagement and collaboration

Making a business presentation mostly involves feeding information to a group of individual. The use of LEAD interactive whiteboards encourages every member of the team to be part of the learning process or corporate discussions rather than simply being recipients of the already prepared information. LEAD Interactive whiteboard also allows colleagues to engage one another more elaborately when discussing a project plan or solving a certain business problem. 


Files can be easily shared, accessed, edited, and saved all on the interactive whiteboard. This benefit enables information to be presented and shared in a better way, thereby facilitating discussion among the participants, increases productivity, improves performance and brings more unique ideas to the table. For more information on the price, and acquisition of this device at the very best price click HERE


Supports Real-Time Feedback

With Interactive Whiteboards, you can make changes to a document on the spot if required and use 3D models and other features of the interactive whiteboard to better enhance the meeting and real-time feedback received from coworkers.


Enhances Presentations and Communication

Using Lead Smart interactive whiteboard makes presentations more effective using the various media tools at hand. Important points or features can be highlighted on the screen and can be taken as screenshots and sent to others through email. 


This will ensure that all collaborators will be on the same page. The best part is the participants don’t need to take down any notes since it can be shared the presentation with them later. Also, minutes of meetings can be recorded information for later playback and review.


Allows For Effective Annotation of Documents

Annotation involves making effective and persistent changes to your documents during a presentation. With Interactive whiteboards, this can be achieved because tools included with whiteboards can allow for 3D modelling, estimating, hyperlinking, video links, and other applications that can improve communication and makes updating information much easier


Improved Sharing Of Information through the Touch Recognition Feature

When using interactive whiteboards, you can enjoy the convenience of using your fingers to note your point. All your presentation information is at your fingertips literally as you can use from one to ten fingers to gesture and interact with touch-screen whiteboards, thanks to Lead Smart Interactive Whiteboard. You do not need any mouse, pointers or ink anywhere on the computer screen. This is not definitely possible in document sharing. But with whiteboards, multiple individuals can annotate a document or file while engaged in group discussions.


Interactive whiteboards are now a critical part of learning institutions and businesses. With such a robust technology, corporate organisations can meaningfully engage with one another in interactive and collaborative sessions. As businesses and corporate institutions continue to adopt interactively presentation technologies, Zuma Marketing Limited - a one-stop company fulfilling all the requirements of the interactive solution, is committed to playing an active role in developing and cultivating schools of the future by providing innovative, scalable and affordable smart class solution and interactive whiteboard to the education community in Nigeria and Africa. We have one of the finest and quality brand of Interactive whiteboard System for boardrooms and meetings.


An investment in this technology would provide an overall enormous benefit to your educational institution when compared to many alternatives in the market, and there should be no reason why your organisation cannot benefit from this superior solution.

You can trust us for the right choice of audiovisual products and interactive board for your organisation. Take part in the early bird offer currently on now! further information  simply clicks here and get started.

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