Bring Your Corporate Organization Into the Digital Realm with Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel!!!

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In the increasingly competitive corporate world, it is becoming more and more important to make a positive and lasting impression. Here, we present to you our latest technology in the area of Audio Visual and interactive products which can quickly turn an ordinary business meeting into an impressive presentation or proposal by powerfully presenting your ideas and enabling effective collaboration with your employees.

Eduboard Interactive flat panel just as the name implies is a large display or a giant tablet mounted on the wall that you can interact with, similar to a smartphone screen, but much larger. It consists of an inbuilt computer, interactive whiteboard, central control, and embedded interactive software. It completely eliminates the use of a projector but delivers a more intelligent, intuitive, interactive experience in the classroom at all levels of education, in corporate meeting rooms, etc. They are also referred to as LFID (large-format interactive displays) or interactive touchscreens. They are usually powered by Android but users will usually have the option to add in Windows so they can use all their familiar software.


Just like Eduboard Interactive Whiteboard, users interact with the Eduboard Interactive flat panel using their fingers or stylus pens. Remote control is also included to enable users to control the display from a distance.


With Eduboard Interactive flat panel, exceptional quality and effortless ease-of-use is assured and compared to a projector, the image quality is very impressive.

Whether it’s for training, presentations or brainstorming ideas, Eduboard Interactive flat panel offers the perfect solution for any business.


Where to Use Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel in the Office

  • Reception Areas

Your reception areas can be transformed into a memorable and dynamic environment by creating a lasting first impression, communicating branded videos or communicating personal visitor greetings using the Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel. This is a professional way to introduce your company to visitors.


  • Meeting Room and Board Rooms

Using Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel in the meeting rooms or board rooms helps to stimulate new levels of engagement and interaction within presentations and video conferences. It also provides an outstanding collaboration platform to encourage creativity, boost meeting productivity and enhance effective decision making.


  • 10-points touch
  • Wireless Screen Share
  • Android Interface
  • App Download
  • Intelligent System(Smart Child Lock, Time Testing, Built-in whiteboard teaching software, compatible with different documents)
  • Dual Operation System
  • UHD 4K Resolution
  • Accepts Various Interfaces







How To Use Interactive Flat Panel Displays To Enhance Productivity In The Office

Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel brings your meetings to life with stunning visuals, crisp sound and access to inspiring content and applications. While the meeting or brainstorming sessions are going on, you can automatically record notes or capture screenshots in real time which can then be distributed to participants at the end of the meeting. The 10-points touch (more than one person can work on the screen at a time) provides a truly collaborative experience where ideas can be shared and discussed in detail thus making the meeting more dynamic.


The business environment is constantly evolving and it’s not always easy to get people together in one place at the same time. By installing Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel with built-in PCs in offices and meeting rooms throughout your building and off-site in other locations, information and ideas can be instantly shared between teams.


Meetings can also be arranged and set up at short notice as there’s no fiddling with wires or connecting to external sources. You simply walk in, switch on and begin. From iPhone and tablets right up to laptops, it removes the need to share HDMI or VGA cables around the meeting room when someone wants to share their project or work, making collaboration seamless.


With the additional installation of collaborative software, colleagues who are in other locations can interact with meetings remotely, cutting down on travel costs and unproductive time and speeding up the decision making the process. Meetings are made more productive by interactive displays that you can write on and share with remote participants.


This flat panel also enhances a bit of healthy competition to motivate your staff by displaying the key performance indicators on its big screen. For example, a customer service centre may track issues and how they are resolved, or display sales figures and see how they measure up against targets, while a web team might analyse web metrics such as 404 errors, site traffic, and conversions. Having this information on screen for all to see and having it constantly update in real time can help motivate your teams to improve performance and drive results and business growth. Displaying this information publicly on a big screen keeps everyone in the loop and inspires and engages the whole company.


Also, seeing this kind of data on a big screen also means that teams can hold informal meetings more easily to really dig deeper into the analytics, manipulating the on-screen data and working together to identify where improvements need to be made.

Furthermore, it helps in managing workflow by displaying multiple projects on its big screen thereby allowing everyone to see the stages of various tasks. It’s ideal for sharing progress information in meetings or for allowing team members who are off-site to quickly update information, which can be shared with other members of the team.


This makes collaboration simple and transparent as an informed workforce is likely to be more productive and efficient as individuals will feel that their contribution is making a difference and that everyone is working towards a common business goal.

Engaged employees are productive employees and the use of this innovative, touch-screen digital technology enables you to create, share and interact with the rich web and other digital content and make your business communications clear and compelling, helping you to gain a competitive edge by minimising wasted time and motivating your staff.


It’s time to bring your meetings and communication processes into the 21st century by installing an Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel in your workplace to boost productivity, encourage collaboration and use time more efficiently.


In a very real sense, the eduboard interactive flat panel presents to you a world of creativity, employee meeting productivity, effective decision making and collaboration at your fingertips.

Welcome to the realm of Interactive Meeting and Collaboration as you purchase and install our state-of-art digital technology- the Eduboard Interactive Flat Panel!!!

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