Four indicators that show interactive whiteboard is here to make learning easy

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Here are four indicators that show interactive whiteboard is here to make learning easy, having an interactive whiteboard is one your organisation cannot afford to ignore because; it brings convenience, flexibility, and much more right into your space.

Over the years, researchers have shown that the interactive whiteboard captivates the mind of listeners, making them focus intently on learning, thereby creating a really interesting moment for both the speaker and listener.

With our eduboard interactive whiteboard, students have no need to worry about lessons being wiped off as they can always come back to either playback the lessons for revision purposes.


Imagine having lessons being recorded in real-time so that students can always revise with it, having their questions answered and saved in the recording. Also, imagine a situation where a presenter can have their audio, text and video files shared in real-time and/or people who for some unavoidable situation(s) could not make it to class, shared with them.

Do you also know that you can capture the mind of your audience by using an eduboard interactive whiteboard? Humans are visual learners and we are providing an opportunity of getting your audience enthusiastic about hearing you out and absorbing the information you are serving them via our full HD display interactive whiteboard.

Did you know that the eduboard interactive whiteboard is a lifesaver? It was intentionally made to save both students and employees who have become a bit relaxed in taking notes with their pen and paper from getting bored or losing concentration because they have become digitalised. Images can be saved and printed after classes. This creates room for the audience to stay focused and engaged without any worry (or just a little of it).


Students and employees likewise, will focus on the interactive whiteboard and the speaker than when they use a traditional chalkboard or markerboard and keep looking at the speaker or even doze off due to how monotonous the lecture or the presentation is; an interactive whiteboard makes room for an engaging discussion, keeping learners alert due to the level of interaction going on, making everyone in the room feel they are onto a one on one session. This makes nearly everything easy and convenient or what do you think!

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Our LEAD interactive whiteboard is one of your organisation cannot afford to ignore because, it brings convenience, flexibility, and collaboration.

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14/01/2021, 10:48:26 AM

Does the unit comes with its own CPU pre-installed otherwise how do I install softwares/drivers if I wipe off the OS and wanting to re-install

Zuma Marketing Ltd:
08/02/2021, 06:27:20 AM

We have aftersales services, or you can also download software from our website or call us for this service

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