Why your Organisation needs our all In one Interactive Flat Panel Display Board

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This publication shows why your organization needs our all in one interactive flat panel display board. Many people nowadays are very familiar with an Interactive whiteboard, which are used in many schools and organisations as replacements for traditional whiteboards or flip charts or video/media systems.


An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display board that connects to a computer and projector. Users can control the computer using their finger or a pen device on the board's surface. But our All in One Interactive Flat Panel is higher, more modern and encompassing than the usual interactive whiteboard, this is because all in One Interactive board has an inbuilt corei5-i7 system coupled with the Android version and interactive board software.


With an All In One Interactive flat panel, you do not need to worry about coming to class or the boardroom with a computer for presentation. With this device, the problem of projector cable replacement or even lamb replacement is eliminated.


Below are a few of the numerous reasons why you need Our All In One Interactive flat panel:


High Image Quality

Our  All in One Interactive Flat Panel Display Boards display high-quality images and users are able to choose a brightness level that suits them best; it will not in any way affect the image quality.


Our Interactive Board is an Integrator

Businesses, corporate organisations, schools and entrepreneurs who wish to accomplish their presentation tasks in good time, all opt for this All in One Interactive Flat panel display board because like the name implies, it is an integrator that integrates interactive whiteboard, PC, TV, speaker, router, and projector.


Multiple Users are Allowed at Once

Users of this All in One Interactive Flat panel display board can write directly with their fingers on the board. Imagine having up to 10 users write on the board at the same time. I bet no one will want to say no to this opportunity because, with this, teachers will be able to manage their time effectively.


Download Apps to Your Board

All in one Interactive Flat panel display board, you do not have any worries about reaching out to your laptop or phone for the apps you use frequently; you can easily download the apps there. This board gives every user the opportunity to freeze their slides on it for later use.

Imagine having to install audio software on the board such as elementary advantage or high school advantage for academic purposes. Picture a student that has pronunciation challenges can learn how to pronounce letters and form them into words because they watched and listened to the installed software from the All in One Interactive Flat panel and could form their own words by themselves.


Helps Engage Prospects

Businesses are not left out; some prospective clients would want to see a simulation of the products or the services they wish to purchase on how they can be used and their benefits. How else do you engage them if not by putting up you're All in One Interactive Flat panel display board and presenting to them the demo on how to install, use, and manage the products.


Reduce the Time They Spend on Taking Notes

Like you might already know, humans respond and process visual data more than any other data which is what our All in One Interactive Flat panel display board is offering entrepreneurs. Give your conference room/seminar space a face-lift that compels everyone in the audience to focus. While this will reduce the cost of always replacing whiteboards and buying writing materials, your audience focuses entirely on you and the board, thereby reducing the time you would have wasted on waiting for them to take notes from the board or ask questions.


Simplify staff training

Gone are the days when teachers or instructors will just walk into the classroom or meeting room and start dictating for the student or trainees to write. Back then, teachers almost dictate every subject because they find it hectic and stressful writing on the board each time.

With the aid of audiovisual equipment, you can now prepare your lesson notes at home, save them in a storage device and make your presentations either in ms word, excel, PowerPoint or in chart format to the students on the interactive whiteboard by exporting them onto the board. One good thing about this is that you can still edit the work on the board, emphasize salient points using any colour of soft pen, save and still have the original work intact.

Our boards are in different sizes because we put you into consideration; we have the 65″ 86″ 100″ boards and are just a click away from delivering to your organisation.


Do you wish to have a view of the demo? Click here.

The 21st Century has provided ample opportunities for business growth and development and Zuma Marketing Limited is on top of the situation to provide high-quality products and services to our clients at an affordable price.

We seek to engage your organization and add value based on your requirements. We look forward to your invitation with the opportunity to show you at no cost how these items can help your students stand out and as well boost your brand value.



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