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Unique Description of Lead Flat Panel Interactive Display Board

Unique Description of Lead Flat Panel Interactive Display Board

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The Unique Description of Lead Flat Panel Interactive Display Board Is in the designed. The lead flat panel all in one interactive display board is a smartboard with all the essentials the educators and trainers need to deliver topnotch lessons and presentations to the students and the audience. Lead Flat Panel display board is designed with a tempered anti-glare- LED screen that displays a brilliant 4K Ultra HD images and text (3840 x 2160 pixels). A crisp content clarity and readability that keep students and audience engaged no matter where they’re seated in the room.


No need of projector, no more downtime fixing burnt out projector bulbs, goodbye to cables replacement, no shadows getting in the way, no glare or hot spots, and no faded images.  


The boards are available in 4 sizes with 4K Ultra HD resolutions; the smart series is a great value for schools and organizations that need an interactive display with a difference.


The highlights of Lead Flat Panel include:

Wireless Connection: Connect your device wirelessly onboard easily and freely.

20 points touch:  Multi-touch display allows collaborative interactivity in any school or work environment.

No need for a projector, no need for a computer/laptop, no wires or cables, more durable and economical.

Some of the advantages are:

  • It does not need a projector to function therefore saving more money from repairs of projector and interactive board periodically.

  • It has inbuilt PC inside therefore there’s no need to worry about buying laptops

  • It has inbuilt interactive whiteboard software that makes it possible to write smoothly on it either with your finger or the stylus pen.

  • Access all your Windows software just like you would on a PC or laptop.

  • Microsoft Office applications can be opened and used on the interactive display. It also has an Android interface, which enables you to download important apps from the App Store that would improve your presentation content.

  • It can be used as a video conferencing solution just by adding an HD camera and wireless video conferencing microphone. This can also help the institution reduce the cost of traveling for meetings as most meetings can be held within the company’s premises connecting via the system.

  • It turns your boardroom into a dynamic collaborative hub and brings your learning to life with stunning visuals, crisp sound and access to inspiring content and applications. You’ll be able to automatically record notes or capture screenshots in real-time. It can be used for PowerPoint presentations, staff meetings, brainstorming and training sessions in the departments/boardroom.

  • There’s no need for HDMI, VGA and Power cables replacement.

  • There’s no need for a projector’s lamp replacement.


  • Varied Sizes of 65”, 86’’ are in stock, however, 55’’, 75’’ and 100’ are special orders and may take more time (3-4 weeks) to be available.

  • 20 points touch: Multi-touch display allows collaborative interactivity in any school or work environment.

  • Window 10 Pro+ Android 6.0 dual OS

  • Touch and pen-enabled

  • Quad-Core for Android CPU processor

  • True UHD 4K 3840*2140 pixels

  • 2*15W speakers

  • Anti-glare tempered glass to protect eyes

  • OPS PC Core i5- 8G 128G SSD 4th Generation OR OPS PC Core i7- 8G 258G SSD 6th Generation (on special order only). Please Note: Price Varies based on the configuration.

  • Connectivity: An array of input and output ports including HDMI, USB3.0, and OPS.

  • Movable stands (optional)

  • Password can be set to lock the screen

  • 4K Ultra High Definition resolutions, capturing your audience’s attention for your videos, images, and presentations

  • Supporting 20-point touch, making it easy for students to work together at the same time

  • All channel annotations to allow presenters annotate more freely even with only an Android system Setting up smart classrooms with our Interactive Flat Panels.

  • Dual Systems of Android 6.0 and OPS Windows system

  • Abundant teaching tools coming with our education software to make teaching and learning more easily.

  • Wireless screen sharing just by one-button click

  • Lead IFPs help facilitate brainstorming sessions

  • Model 65 inches 86 inches

  • Effective Display Area 1428.48mm(H) x 803.52mm(V) 1913.0mm(H) x1084.0mm

  • Display Ratio 16.9

  • Brightness 350cd/m2 Contrast Ratio 4000:1 1200:1

  • Backlight Type LED

  • Viewing Angle 178*(V)/178*(H) 178*(V)/178*(H)

  • Panel Resolution 3840(H) X 2160(V) 3840(H) X 2160(V) Fresh Rate 60Hz

  • Respond time 8ms

  • CPU/GPU Cortex a53*4 1.5GHz Eight Core, T720MP2 Version Android 6.0 PU Processor Quad-core RAM/ROM 2G/8G Extension Supports up to 128GB.

  • Video/Audio System PAL, NTSC, SECAM

  • Compatible Video Format MPEG-2/4H, h.285, TS, AVS, VP, WMW

  • Front Button Standby, Confirm, Back, Menu, V-/+, Channel-/+, PC standby Front Port HDMI*1, Touch USB*1, USB3.0*1, USB2.0*1

  • Back Port Input Down RS232*1, YPbPr*1, AV*1, RF*1

  • Side: RJ45*1, USB2.0*2, HDMI*2, VGA*1, VGA Audio*1, SD Card*1

  • Output Down: Coaxial*1, AV Out*1 Side: Touch USB*1,

  • Speaker 2x15W (front-facing)

  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Built-In OPC H18, H110 FOR OPTION; Intel i3/i5, i7 for option


  • Touch Screen Technology: Multiple Infrared Scanning technology


  • Touch Type IR 20 Points of touch Front Embedded (easy to maintain)


  • Drive Mode HID Free Drive Writing surface material

  • 4MM physical tempered anti-glare glass

  • Touch Screen Sensor Mode: Finger, writing pen, a hand with gloves or other non-transparent touch-sensitive media

  • Resolution of Touch screen 4096x4096 Sampling Rate ≥ 120Hz

  • Response Speed Click 5ms, Continue 3ms

  • Cursor Speed Up to 300 Point/sec

  • Coordinate Output 32768(W)* 32768(D)

  • Positioning Accuracy ≤+2mm

  • Anti- Interference

  • Incandescent lamp (220V, 100W), vertical distance 350mm above the illumination intensity of the sun is up to 90000Lux

  • Lifetime ≥60, 000 hours

  • Touch Time More than 60 million times in the same position

  • Operating System Support Windows 7/8/10 Android

  • Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz 220V, 50/60Hz

  • Power Consumption 250W About 400W

  • Standby Consumption ≤0.5W

What more would anyone look for? Gone are the days when teachers or instructors will just walk into the classroom or meeting room and start dictating for the student or trainees to write. Back then, teachers almost dictate every subject because they find it hectic and stressful writing on the board each time.

With the aid of audiovisual equipment, you can now prepare your lesson notes at home, save in a storage device and make your presentations either in MS word, excel, PowerPoint or in chart format to the students on the interactive whiteboard by exporting it onto the board. One good thing about this is that you can still edit the work on the board, emphasize salient points using any colour of soft pen, save and still have the original work intact.


Our boards are in different sizes because we put you into consideration; we have the 65″ 86″ 100″ boards and are just a click away from delivering to your organisation.


Do you wish to have a view of the demo? Click here.

The 21st Century has provided ample opportunities for business growth and development and Zuma Marketing Limited is on top of the situation to provide high-quality products and services to our clients at an affordable price.

We seek to engage your organization and add value based on your requirements. We look forward to your invitation with the opportunity to show you at no cost how these items can help your students’ standout and as well boost your brand value.



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