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Please this is a new update on the interactive board from ZumaMall your online trusted tech site.

Good day! Trust your day is going on well though it has been rainy weather.

We want to let our customers know that we’re working hard to bringing solutions to online and remote learning problems most schools are facing.

No doubt that the online learning system will be sustained even after COVID-19 is over. Although most developed nations have adopted this system before now that’s why we can stay here and do our masters abroad that is now acceptable more than ever before.

Now with the latest technology development in an interactive whiteboard, you can have all the lessons from nursery to secondary prepared in video format and display on the board all the teacher has to do is to make annotations where necessary and add a few live class exercise then record, save and share to the students, and these can continue even during the holidays.

Do you know that with these technologies in your classrooms that you can run your school remotely without having your pupils present? Just the presence of a teacher, a good interactive board, camera, and software, they can join classes from their various home and be able to see what their teachers are doing.

Do you know that with this interactive board you can gradually develop a comprehensive curriculum? 
Start from today or whenever schools will resume, mandate your teachers to record all their lessons from day one, at the end of each term collect all the teachers’ lessons and edit them and save them. 

These lessons can be used by the school to make money in the future, which I can tell you how.

And all these can be achieved with little budget compare with the benefit you will have as a proprietor or CEO.

See! There is a whole lot to do adopting technology in education.

Finally, I just want to inform you that our latest interactive board is built with the latest infrared technology you can now use #Smartnotebook on it you know what that means? Saving you a huge sum of money.

And our board has a unique remote and pen holder that makes your classrooms more organized and saves you from losing your whiteboard pen or projector remote you can have a look at it by clicking >>>here

And you have a warranty for up to 5years on your board (T&C) applied. 

Zuma Marketing ltd has the pleasure to serve you better with quality products and services at affordable prices, we’re looking forward to partnering with you while serving you better than anyone else can do.

Thanks for your time!

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