5 Reasons Why LEAD SMT-87x Interactive Whiteboard is the best

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5 Reasons Why LEAD SMT-87x Interactive Whiteboard is the best for education and business presentation.  LEAD smart interactive board is a digital display board in the form of a large whiteboard that reacts to user input, which can be used to teach any subject electronically.


Years back, schools and organizations have relied on the use of the magnetic whiteboard as a way to communicate, interact, teach and share information in classrooms or training rooms.


However, the 21st Century has presented to us a better means of communication in classrooms which can be achieved by the way of engaging, collaborating, brainstorming, and idea development among the students or audience.


Listed below are some of the numerous advantages of LEAD IWB you need to know:


 ▶️Pre-loaded robust interactive educational resources, not just diagrams:

Interactive animations, and scientific resources designed for LEAD IWB that users can access for free. Most interactive whiteboards out there are nothing but empty whiteboard. Resources is what makes interactive board fun to use in teaching and learning processes because user or students will have opportunity to practice with simulations and interactive diagrams.


 ️Size advantage:

LEAD IWB gives users a wider area for collaboration and interactions in class. The board can be split into 4parts and each of these parts can work simultaneously allowing students to work and brainstorm.


️Compatible with all Windows version:

All versions of windows work seamlessly with LEAD IWB. The truth is that most interactive boards out there are outdated and therefore do not work effectively with the recent systems. If you're not aware of this you may end up buying an obsolescent interactive board. Please don't fall, victim to this danger, because is either the boards have outlived their lifespan or they're near extinction. 


 ️Advanced technology:

The board is designed with the latest interactive technology that makes it very interesting to write on with fingers and erase with your backhand. Lesson notes are saved automatically. You can write/annotate smoothly on any surface, PDF file, PPT, videos, and pictures. It can also be used to record lessons both written, video and voice which saves automatically on your home screen and can be played back.


️Price Advantage:

We have the best interactive board with the best price you can’t find anywhere. We have one of the best educational resources that worth millions of Naira that LEAD IWB users have access to for free.

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LEAD interactive boards are used in classrooms, boardrooms, engineering, coaching and for strategic planning of any type of projects. According to the Becta Harnessing Technology Schools Survey in 2007, 98% of British secondary schools and 100% of British primary schools had an interactive whiteboard in use. Therefore it is NOT out of place if you adopt the use of LEAD interactive board in all your classrooms, boardrooms, etc.


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