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Lead Interactive whiteboard is a large board connected to a laptop and a projector which projects what is on the screen to the board.It is a multipurpose device for schools, offices and studios.

The Lead Interactive Whiteboard is made of combination of materials and has a dry erase surface, it comes with a stylus pen which is used to write on it, you can write also on it with your fingers-Accepts 20 fingers simultaneously.

In fact, the use of Interactive Whiteboard is being employed more within the corporate and educational setting since it is associated with a lot of features that can arouse the interest of the target audience.

Check out this article to know 10 Basic Functions and benefits of the Lead Interactive Whiteboard:

  • Teaching Through Technology

Teachers and Instructors can easily access all kinds of images, points, diagrams, videos, articles, learning tools and more through the board, and when connected to the internet, they can access the tools and information they need to support and enhance their lessons. This access to online tools and information gives student a rich resource for learning and to make other research. Teachers can choose to play educative videos and music, display maps, graphs, diagrams, charts, illustrations and photos. The digital toolbox that comes with the Lead Interactive whiteboard supports teachers to create inspiring lesson plans for their student. Children are often fast learners and their understanding of materials comes from seeing, drawing, touching and writing on the board. The entire classroom can participate on educational games even in a situation where you have student who learn remotely. The Lead Interactive whiteboard gives immediate feedback, so teachers can easily assess their student progress on each lesson. The Lead Interactive Whiteboard also allows educators to take standard lessons and convert them into interactive activities.


  • Business use :

The Lead Interactive Whiteboard is designed to allow everyone in a meeting participate in the interaction level as long as your device has the right app and internet connection. Everyone in the room can participate since meetings are usually group discussions and the technology also allows everyone to view and access the same content through their own device at the same time. Team members can edit and share contents virtually-immediately, giving room for maximum cooperation. Having the Lead Interactive Whiteboard can notably enhance the way businesses run.


  • Media Content:

Lead Interactive Whiteboard is programmed to run all types of files and programs, it also supports all types of applications which are created to work with a computer system. Lead Interactive Whiteboard can be used for surfing the internet, display presentation, play videos, games and music, it can also be used to create diagrams and display images etc. this very important attribute of the Lead Interactive Whiteboard plays a very important role in the advancement of the classroom, office and studio. With Lead Interactive Whiteboard, an instructor can easily create, plan, organize and prepare for a lesson of presentation beforehand. The instructor can schedule for some particular tasks such as labeling parts of a diagram, image or structure also an instructor can also match words with their meaning, pictures or functions. This particular function makes Lead Interactive Whiteboard very important for Pre-schools because it aids teaching and makes understanding for pupils easier, as they would be able to name, label and identify objects and images, since it would be displayed profoundly before them. On the part of an instructor, he/she will be able to deliver his/her presentation effectively and efficiently.


  • Improves Communication System:

Lead Interactive Whiteboard allows the instructor to share the screen with attendees or pupils who are far-off, you can also share files with those at a meeting or in a classroom, making communication with the audience or pupil very easy and understandable. In this case, both the pupils or audience and the instructor have precisely the same information, putting everyone on the same page. Because of the appearance features, the whiteboard is one of the very best devices that can be used to teach children in pre-schools, high school and universities since they would pay more attention to the board and can easily understand what they are been taught as it is being displayed on the screen. At the end of every lesson, meeting, or even presentation, the teacher or instructor can easily send a mail to all the pupils/audience or share everything that came up during the Whiteboarding session to them and can also print it out if there is need for it to be printed. The Lead Interactive Whiteboard puts the instructor at ease since they can easily adjust, rotate or zoom objects and image without having to use the laptop, making it easy to explain every part or point of their presentation or lesson.


  • Easy to use:

Anyone with basic computer knowledge would be able to use the Lead Interactive Whiteboard because it’s neither complex nor elaborate.

Lead Interactive Whiteboard are very clear, clean and neat and requires very little and low maintenance cost. It does not require the use of markers, chalk, eraser or other writing utensils. Information on the board can be simply changed or modified using a stylus pen for drawing, writing, highlighting, selecting and tapping, hence making the above-named writing utensils dispensable. Different types of media such as pictures, graph, diagrams, maps, Illustrations, charts can be displayed on the Whiteboard through the simple option menu. The board helps create intellectual lessons and presentation which can serve as an inspiration to viewers.

  • Screen Window/Shade, Spotlight and Screenshot:

In as much as the Lead Interactive Whiteboard is very big and visible, it still allows the instructor to hide any information he/she wishes to hide from the audience and reveal the information when he wishes to do so. This function is commonly used during Q&A sessions

Spotlight as a feature of the Lead Interactive Whiteboard is quite easy to use, it enables the user to move the attention of the audience quickly from one part of the board to another, highlighting just that specific area of the board and darkening the other parts and its very beneficial for maintaining the focus of the audience.

The screenshot feature doesn’t offer much in the normal computers but is extremely important in the case of the Lead Interactive Whiteboard. The screenshot feature allows the user to capture and print out images or note of every slide that was covered during a meeting or lesson. This notes or images can be studied later by the audience or students.


  • Makes learning stages more fun:

With a technology like the Lead Interactive Whiteboard in classrooms, every student would be eager to participate in learning processes by wanting to try out the board. Points, images and presentations are usually delivered in full HD (High – Definition) display that goes with Interactive computer capabilities. Tutee in such educational settings, will find syllabus exploration more fun, interesting and relaxing. Most of them wouldn’t want to miss school or to skip out on class activities. In presentations, audience would feel comfortable and relaxed watching the presenter since the board does not have any effect on their eyes and the presentation would be more fun watching as the functions of the board would spur the interest of the audience. Instead of spending so much time on a one-way presentation which would be shared on a PowerPoint presentation, the Lead Interactive Whiteboard allows students/teammates to take part in the discussed information.


  • Advanced Content Interaction:

Most advanced-level Interactive white board has the features of touchscreen control, not only can you label or highlight a point, image or diagram, but then you can also access a hyperlink attached to any word, image, diagram or chart. Most times, the Lead Interactive Whiteboard technology goes along with many attachments such as the stylus pen. You can use this pen to draw diagrams, write and underline words also to select images or features of the Interactive board. The Lead Interactive Whiteboard is usually connected to the internet, which gives the user access to online tools and information to support their presentations or lessons with videos, charts, images, learning tools, articles, diagrams and many more.



  • Dilator and Selector:

As the word dilator implies, you can increase the size of any information, image, or diagram you have on your Interactive board, so your audience can have a nice view of your presentation from any part of the building they are. The Lead Interactive Whiteboard helps users to zoom into diagrams and images if there is need for it.

To move round the whole of the dilated image, information or diagram, a smaller window is opened at one corner or side of the board and it shows the complete image, information or diagram.

The basic function of a selector is to highlight a particular data, information, word, image, point or diagram, most people commonly use the selector to keep up with the tutor or presenter should they miss out on any point or information. By double clicking the selector can be taken off, if it is somehow becoming an interference to your work or the meeting. The selector tells the audience where the next function of that presentation or lesson is to be performed, making Lead Interactive whiteboard the easiest, work flowing device with these incredible features, i.e the ability to enlarge, magnify, increase and even select any word, image or diagram that is been worked on or presented at the time.



The Benefits and functions of the Lead Interactive Whiteboard are so many that any business organization or learning institution can’t afford to overlook or ignore. Aside bringing convenience and flexibility to business organization and in education, the Lead interactive whiteboard increases team members participation, as well student-teacher engagement and improves the performance of everyone. Using this technology will be very good for any business organization, school, or learning institution because it has modernized those areas that were of challenges before. Although acquiring the interactive white board may eat into the budget of any organization or school, the benefits it comes with is usually greater at the long run, these interactive whiteboards does not just boost communication, presentation and stimulate learning but it will also save on money that should be spent on learning materials and even inspire a better performance. Prepare your schools and business organization for success by considering the use of Lead Interactive Whiteboard .


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