LEADBoard (LB) Interactive board with Multimedia Projector and Remote/Pen Holder

In Stock LEADBoard (LB) Interactive board with Multimedia Projector and Remote/Pen Holder

LEADBoard (LB) Interactive board with Multimedia Projector and Remote/Pen Holder designed for all levels of education and business presentations. Are you considering equipping your office or classrooms with Interactive Board? LEAD Interactive Board (LIB) with LEAD remote and pen holder is ideal for any classroom or office. Buy LEAD Interactive Board (LIB) with  100% returns on your investment guaranteed. Please note that Installation is not inclusive. 

This is an 83inches LEAD interactive board (LIB) complete with 3600 lumens HD multimedia projector with remote and penholder, uniquely designed for better interactivity and collaborations which allows the integration of media content into the learning process. LEAD interactive board is designed with advanced infrared technology for smooth writing without breakup, loaded with primary/advance resources, formulas, graphics, diagrams, charts and images for easy facilitation. 

Lead interactive board (LIB) is stylishly designed with a flat aluminium frame, which will add an aesthetic appeal to your classrooms and boardroom. 

You'll definitely love the sleek user interface, extraordinary features, and amazing performance. And is highly durable and pocket-friendly.




  • 10-touch latest infrared sensor technology
  • 10 users can write simultaneously, 10 points touch
  • Intelligent gesture-recognition
  • Also, write with a normal stylus pen
  • Easy to clean and self-maintained: normal brush and even wet cloth can clean
  • Aluminium NANO surface
  • USB direct power supply and also for update and data transfer
  • Oxidized aluminium frame, giving elegant grey finish
  • Screen Type - Aluminum Honeycomb
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Board - Anti-scratch, Anti-glaring
  • Real-time recording and playback
  • Built-in library and resources for different subjects
  • Onboard browsing and annotation.
  • Highly durable

Best user-friendly interactive board: 


LEAD Interactive Board (LIB) is designed with simplicity, which gives users a seamless user-friendly experience, writes with finger or pen smoothly, annotates, and share files. It is very easy to use.


LEAD Interactive boards support single or up to ten users to write on the board simultaneously. The latest infrared technology behind the design makes it possible, and this gives seamless group work and collaboration in a classroom or boardroom.

Perfect fit for virtual/online classes: 

There is a great shift in the education sector towards online and virtual learning; LEAD Interactive Board is designed to give our users unbeatable online user experience by adding a couple of gadgets.

One time simple calibration:

You see when you use LIB in your classroom or office you don't have to recalibrate the board again, therefore, saving you lots of time, stress, and money.

Share files, edit, print, import, or export files:

You can prepare your lesson note in PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel or in any other file format and import it on the board and annotate it seamlessly. That is giving you no boundaries to what you can do on LEAD Interactive Board.

Write smoothly (no breakage on writing): 

With LEAD interactive board you won't encounter with the breakage while writing, it gives you smooth and seamless writing flows. Coated with Nano-material, anti-reflection, anti-glare, a marker can write and erase.

Very Durable and rugged (best hardware award): 

The only board that offers you 2-5years warrantee and guarantees 100% returns on your investment within the first year of purchase. This is enough to do business with us.

Flexible software (accept other educational software of your choice): 

LIB is designed in order to allow the use of Smart Notebook software on your board, which offers you a huge cut in the cost of acquisition. I can tell you why.

Real-time recording and playback: 

With this feature, you're at a vantage position to use this LIB in your classrooms and offices for training, and record each step of the training and meetings save or playback to those absent from the training. 

Accept finger and stylus pen (no need for redundancy without pen): 

Now no more worries about lost stylus pen or expensive battery replacement, LIB completely removes this stress, saves time, and saves money; you can write on the surface of this board with a non-electromagnetic pen or with your finger any opaque object.

No maintenance needed: 

LEAD interactive board is designed with advanced infrared technology with anti-scratch surface thereby making your board work smoothly and continuously for a long period of years.

Plug and Play: 

It is a plug and play, which means once the software, has been installed into your system you don't have to worry yourself with the system set up anymore. Just connect LIB to your system via USB interface that's all. 

Inbuilt teaching resources: 

LEAD Interactive Board has inbuilt resources (Excel sheet, PowerPoint, Infographics and much more) any instructor needs to execute a perfect and impactful training, teachings, presentations to their the audience, this gives you the option to use any file of your choice.

Different colour of the pen:

You can use any colour of pen to make your presentation colourful.

2-5years warranty: 

We make sure you have returns on your investment by offering to our esteemed customers 2-5years warranty, within this period of time, we take responsibility for any unforeseen occurrences resulting in malfunctioning of any board. Terms and conditions apply.

Free training on how to effectively maximise your board: 

At the end of every installation, we make sure the users are trained on how to maximise the usage of LIB, and this we do for free.

Movable stands and stands with a projector arm equipped with the whiteboard. (Optional)

Software Functions:  

Replace mouse completely, support click, double click, and right-click functions.

Export function: the contents of the board can be exported and opened with various formats: the image file, PowerPoint file, word file, Excel, l file, PDF file, and HTML files to enhance versatility.

Send e-mail function: Contents can be sent by email as EPS, PDF, and PPT attachment.

Various types of pens selection: pen, pencil, brush, smart-pen, highlighter.

Various writing pages selection: white page, black page, picture page, and desktop page.

Support marking and editing in Office software: Pdf, EXCEL, PowerPoint, etc.

Multimedia player: play various format files: WMV, AVI, asf, mpg. Can Mark and intercept the playing file. Record function: Voice and writing process can be recorded and saved in a computer, which is convenient for review.

Zoom function: Full-screen zooming, object zooming.

Object editing functions: Support objects copy, delete, move, rotate, resize.

Searchlight: High brightness stands out the key point.

Resource Library: Open resource library, users can add and delete optionally.

Geometric figures: drag and draw geometric figures freely, also can edit the figure such as change colour, line style, and width, fill colour, show tags, etc



Innovative products: high tech teaching products, change teaching mode of traditional blackboards, trigger the evolution of teaching and learning ways, enhance the environment for teaching and learning, realise classroom values return.

Excellent quality: it’s safe, durable, and healthy and environment-friendly has long service lives.

Accurate and fast: it handles the task by advanced algorithms and responds fast, track with high accuracy, locate accurately and operate sensitively.

Simple and Practical: has the function of automatic identification and start-up, easy to operate, no need for a special pen, users can write and touch them with a finger or a teachers’ pointer.

Safe and Durable: sturdy and durable suitable for the classroom environment.

Clear Presentation: create excellent projection results and angle brightness is far better than that of a rear-projection TV.

Unlimited Extension: has to function such as pulling the screen up/down/left/right and left 

Print Freely: easy and convenient to print the contents of the board just by clicking an icon.

AutoSaves: stored the contents automatically on a computer and generate courseware that users can reopen and modify. Saving formats include PPT, HTML, PDF, BMP, JPG, etc and can also be sent by E-mail.

Synchronised Sounds and Pictures: not only record the writing contents but also can automatically generate multimedia teaching courseware or video records by synchronously recording the teachers or the conference organisers explaining the process.

widely used in schools, enterprise meetings, military, Laboratories, etc. Won a good reputation both at home and overseas with good quality, reasonable price, and excellent sale service. LEAD systems are the professional provider of multimedia teaching facilities.

Do you need a reliable and fully loaded Interactive board?  LEAD smart interactive whiteboard is a brand to reckon with. I have personally reviewed lots of boards on my blog and on LinkedIn, the Lead interactive display board is only one board for now with a wow experience.

Technical support

Free repair (including labour and material) within the warranty period

24/7 after-sales technical support.


Krones West Africa Limited

Ogba, Lagos.

Pavilion Technology Limited

Victoria Island, Lagos.

Nigeria College Of Aviation Technology NCAT

Zaria, Kaduna State.

Little Essence Academy

Guduwa, Abuja FCT.

Hezekiah University

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Good job from you guys
- John
I placed order online without seeing this guy for the first time and he delivered, since then I cant stop using him
- Mike
We ordered video conferencing camera with all in one board from them, and it was delivered at stated date, i,m happy for them
- Kunle Kronse West Africa
Nice installation from you guys
- Ifex
I bought projector and screen for our office in Abuja and it was delivered and install perfectly well. Although hen doesn't have office in Abuja.
- Alma