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Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H

Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
Epson Multimedia Projector EMP-83H
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Versatile, reliable, and excellent price-performance ratio - Ideal for meeting rooms and for educational facilities

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Epson EMP-83H / Epson EMP
Epson EMP-83H / Epson EMP-83

Deliver better presentations in the company thanks to extended network functions and connectivity. This powerful projector is easy to operate and is extremely reliable. In addition, it offers many energy saving and safety functions.

Key Features

  • Excellent network capacity – Easy monitoring and control of the projector via the network
  • Perfect, natural picture quality easy on the eyes thanks to the Epson 3LCD technology
  • Bright, clear pictures with the 2,200 ANSI lumen, the 1,024 x 768-pixel XGA resolution, and the Epson energy-saving E-TORL lamp.
  • The very long operating life of the lamp: Up to 4,000 hours in Low-Brightness mode
  • Integrated loudspeaker with 10W(Epson EMP-H) 7W(Epson EMP-83)
  • Quick start after switching on and immediate cooling/switching off after a presentation
  • Security inquiry and PIN code input on starting the device
  • Quick setup thanks to the vertical and horizontal trapezoidal correction
  • Easy interruption of presentations with A/V mute function
  • Perfectly suitable for fixed installation under the ceiling

Take over control and connect the Epson EMP-83H to your corporate network. Thanks to remote administration and remote maintenance, you are extremely flexible. The projector can be installed under the ceiling problem-free and can be directly switched on and off via the room power supply. The Epson E-TORL lamp saves energy while reliably producing 2,200 ANSI lumen. The many security functions give you absolute peace of mind.

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