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Lead Multi touch overlay Interactive Frame|Infrared Touch Frame MTS65

Lead Multi touch overlay Interactive Frame|Infrared Touch Frame MTS65
Lead Multi touch overlay Interactive Frame|Infrared Touch Frame MTS65
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  • Model: MTS 65
  • Location: Ikeja
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Lead Multi-touch overlay interactive touch frame MTS65  turn any display, projection screen, LED, plasma, LED, video wall and more into a Multi-Touch display board. The most beautiful part of it is that you can set it up yourself.  With our easy to assemble Multi-touch overlay frame, you can turn your existing TV screen and monitor to a multi-touch interactive display.

We give you plenty of options and choices when it comes to your Multi-touch overlay frame. With multiple touchpoints, you have ample circumference for operation collaboration and presentation. 

Let Us Do The Work

We also offer integrated multi-touch options so you don't have to install anything yourself. We offer monitors with multi-touch solutions, fully integrated turnkey designs, and we can also have our technicians integrate your monitor for you on the site. Our goal is to make your multi-touch experience as simple as possible so you can fully enjoy your multi-touch overlays frame.

You can install this device in your classrooms, boardrooms, training room, etc where you have just ordinary TVs and convert them to an interactive board.

The 21st Century has provided ample opportunities for business growth and development and Zuma Marketing Limited is on top of the situation to provide high-quality products and services to our clients at an affordable price.


We seek to engage your organization and add value based on your requirements. We look forward to your invitation with the opportunity to show you at no cost how these items can help your students’ standout and as well boost your brand value


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