ZumaMall marketplace offers numerous benefits to technology based businesses whether large or small. Here are numerous reasons why you should sell on ZumaMall marketplace:

For starters, ZumaMall is far from saturated or clustered and few categories are listed to make shopping easy and a lasting experience.

Reach huge audiences and make more money

About 92 percent of corporate shoppers in Nigeria today spend an average of 45minutes searching for their needs on the internet, whether personal or organizational needs. By listing your products on ZumaMall marketplace, you have the advantage of reaching over 500 thousand corporate online shoppers in Nigeria every month. So what are you waiting for? sign up now and stand a chance of winning a spot to sell on ZumaMall marketplace, reach more buyers, make more sells and make more money.

Save time and resources

ZumaMall let you skip the hassle of building a digital storefront and trying to attract consumer traffic. These tasks can be overwhelming for new or even old businesses trying to reach more customers or market for a fee. Our online marketplaces will perform all of the heavy tasks by liftings the burden of running a digital storefront, product listing, deliveries, and order processing. This will help our merchants to focus on improving their product and building their business.

Improve your marketing and SEO

Most customers don’t learn about new products until they see them stocked on the shelf. That’s why ZumaMall is such important space for increasing brand exposure. Even if the consumer selects a different product, they’ll have seen your goods prominently displayed on our digital store alongside major brands.

Establish a feedback loop

Customer reviews of your products can be extremely valuable even—or especially—when you’re only receiving a single star. And if on the other hand, people are positively reviewing your product, other customers are going to be impressed by these impartial assessments. At ZumaMall, this is important to us as it will help our vendors achieve online success within a short time,

ZumaMall offers access to a specified merchants base that specialized in technology within and outside Nigeria, with the quest to branching out and reach more customers.