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Why Sony Multimedia Projector | Short Throw LCD Projector

See Why you need Sony Multimedia Projector | Short Throw LCD Projector. Place your projector just 29 inches (barely 2 feet) away from the screen and still get an image display screen size as large as 80-inch diagonal (almost 7 feet). That can only come from a short throw projector and that’s precisely what the Sony VPL-SX225 short throw projector offers. A short throw projector like the Sony VPL-SX225 is the projector to use when the projector must just be close to the display unit (screen, wall, whiteboard). In a small presentation space, for instance, that will be the viable installation option.

Short throw projection has other benefits like elimination or substantial reduction in shadow effect when the presenter’s image is cast on the screen from a standard throw projector. Similarly, it saves the presenter the light throw into the face from the projector, as can result occasionally from a standard throw projector. If you are looking to use the short throw projection option for any of those reasons, then you should take some time to evaluate the Sony VPL-SX225 short throw projector. It also offers wireless connectivity as well as XGA resolution, which shouldn’t be ignored.

What exactly are the key attractions of the Sony VPL-SX225 short throw projector? Here are key ones to note, as listed by Sony:

Short throw distance
The VPL-SX225 offers a 0.46:1 throw ratio that produces a 2.03m (80-inch) diagonal screen size image from only 75cm (29-inch) away from the screen.
High image quality 3LCD natural and vivid color images
Thanks to the optical system projecting three basic colors constantly each, the projector offers excellent light efficiency, which ensures colorful and bright images. High color reproducibility is important, especially when using colorful content, such as materials used in classrooms. The projector also has an excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1.
High brightness of 2700 lumen in High lamp mode
The VPL-SX225 features three brightness modes for a different use – ‘High’ for naturally white presentations in bright rooms, ‘Standard’ for everyday use, and ‘Low’ for video in darkened rooms.The native XGA (1024 x 768) 4:3 screen resolution panel is perfect for presentations direct from a laptop or PC.
Energy efficient with a long-lasting lamp of 10000 hours
The lamp driver optimally controls the wattage of the lamp and achieves a long-lasting lamp time of 10000 hours with the brightness of lamp mode low. The recommended lamp replacement time is extended to more than 66%, compared to the previous model.

Advanced energy-saving features
Advanced lamp technology enables robust energy-saving features. For example, greater brightness control in Auto Light Dimming mode saves considerable energy when the projector is left on without being used. During projection, Auto Picture Mode automatically adjusts light output to suit the projected scene. When you need to mute the picture temporarily, light output can be completely deactivated to minimize energy consumption.

Network presentation (LAN/Wireless LAN)

When the projector is installed on a LAN/Wireless LAN, presentations can be projected from any PC and Mac on the network. A tablet or smartphone can be connected at the same time. The wireless presentation capability makes it easy to present files from your tablet device or smartphone. You can project jpg, pdf, and other supporting formats. Up to four users can project PC/Mac images simultaneously, while up to eight users can connect to one projector. For Windows/Mac, an application ”Projector Station for Network Presentation” is provided. For tablet/smartphone, an application is provided by Pixelworks, downloaded from the web. For details, please visit the following website:

Remote control for an iOS device
Projector Remote is simple remote control app for Sony’s projectors. Networked projectors can be controlled by this remote app. Remote Control allows you to operate the projector with simple and easy-to-read buttons.
Networked control
Projector functions and status can also be managed and monitored remotely from any user’s PC on the network. For Windows, an application ”Projector Station for Network Control” is provided.

USB Media viewer
Insert a USB drive to effortlessly display photos, images, and graphics with no PC needed.
USB display
The projector allows you to display pictures and audio* with one USB cable. You do not need to install any driver for this function. It is a convenient way to connect to the projector when you want to connect easily.

* There is a time lag in video and audio. When not in simple use, it is recommended to use Line-in or HDMI-in.
Built-in speaker
The projector includes a 16W monaural speaker.

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